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OutColor lets you easily and quickly produce compelling, depth-rich images from single, conventional 2D photographs. With just a few touches on the screen, you can turn ordinary photos into impressive "Out of Bounds"(OOB) images where the contents are taken outside the boundaries, presented in creative 3D perspective. OutColor allows you to make flexible post processing and modify any aspect of the composition freely. The app renders realistic 3D frame and cast-shadow based on the scene's underlying geometry without acquiring any 3D information. It is fast, stable, and fun to use.

OutColor was an Apple featured App and top 100 in the entire AppStore. Built on top of the same advanced computer vision and graphics technology, OutColor 2 brings you revolutionary new breakthrough in background, frame, and shadow rendering that push the OOB effect to a new level.


Sixteen beautiful background images you can use directly.

Real-time 3D frame reconstruction based on 2D corners.

Add matting and reflection to custom-built frames.

Select ready-to-use real frame from the in-App collection.

Easy-to-navigate interface for foreground editing.

Unlimited undo/redo.

Automatic realistic shadow rendering.

High-resolution algorithms for retina display.

Saves final result in image's original size.

Supports both portrait and landscape orientation.

Unlimited sessions and resume un-finished work.

Share creation with email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Hides the toolbars in full screen mode.

In-App help and tutorial.

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E-mail us at reg@outcolorapp.com for help, questions, and feedbacks.

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